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So, over at Television Without Pity, the forum for all Castle chatter is generally pretty negative and misses no opportunity to bash Andrew Marlowe, the rest of the writers, the costumers and pretty much everybody but the actors for everything they think is wrong with the show, but paying special attention to "continuity".

One of the biggest complaints from season five so far came when Ryan and Esposito were lightheartedly teasing Beckett about her new mystery boyfriend. And, by teasing I mean, just the three of them and Castle, with Ryan being all "Beckett's got a BOOOOOYfriend!" to Castle (who, unbeknownst to them, IS the boyfriend) and Esposito being all "What's wrong with him? Third nipple?" or something ridiculous like that and then wondering why she was holding out on them.

The justification for hating on that is that they don't think Ryan would be comfortable teasing her, because he wouldn't have been in season one and Esposito would never question why she wouldn't tell them, because in season three he acknowledge that "Beckett plays it close to the vest."

Putting aside the Ryan ridiculousness (except to say they've been working together for five years and she call them "The boys," so I think they're all pretty comfortable around one another), I just watched the episode where Esposito says the infamous "close to the vest" line.

Beckett was dodging questions about a relationship that was in the early death stages. He was talking about things that cause her pain. Sure, she didn't immediately bring Josh up to meet everybody after Date One, but once she did introduce him, it's not like she spent the whole time cringing and hiding every time he walked into the room, lest anybody see her with him.

Ugh. It just irritates me that people are so...I don't even know if there's a word for it.

I need a Beckett icon.


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