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I just watched Knockout, I think I think for the first time since it aired. And clearly, the scene my icon references was the subliminal reason I was dying for somebody to make my baby cry in the season 5 premiere. (Nobody did, a fact for which I am eternally disappointed.)

Kind of like how I remain disappointed in the season three finale. Not because -- SPOILER ALERT (for something that happened a season and a half ago) -- Capt. Montgomery once ran with a bad element and has known all about Kate's mom's case this whole time. Not because Beckett got shot and I know it will be the most unbelievable bullet to the heart in the history of television. And not even because Montgomery ends up dying -- though, it is related to that.

I'm disappointed, because Montgomery, a police captain who's been on the job for 30+ years took out...I think ALL of the four to six people who showed up to kill Beckett. Now, are you honestly telling me that, had Montgomery not made Castle pick Beckett, also one of New York's finest, up and literally carry her out of there, between the two of them they couldn't have taken out all the gunmen, probably WITHOUT Roy dying?

Because I kinda think they could.


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